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     Exactly 1 year ago, on July 22, 2019, I embarked on my journey as a solo private practice owner.  I had been treating some patients on a part-time basis since March of 2019, but July 22 was my first day with no back-up plan, no parachute to catch me, and no playbook to follow as to how to grow a practice by myself.  So in a way, I’m grateful to have survived a year on my own.  But if I’m being honest, my expectations were not merely to survive.  For those who have read any of my content or have known me for any length of time, you know that my main goals involve disrupting the status quo of the American healthcare system and redefining what we should expect from our healthcare providers.  So have I done that?  The numbers don’t lie.  So let’s take a look at this past year by the numbers:


895 – That’s the number of sessions that we have performed with Limitless Therapy and Wellness over the past year!  


111 – That’s the number of unique clients we worked with over the past year.  Knowing that we have DIRECTLY impacted the lives of 111 people is incredibly humbling!


23 – That’s the number of people who have experienced the annual membership offered by Limitless Therapy and Wellness.  I’m so thankful to these individuals who put their trust in us to be the quarterbacks of their musculoskeletal health.  


58 – That’s the number of “Facebook Live” broadcasts I have done in the past year.  Before August of last year, I had never done one, and now I’m averaging more than 1 per week – talk about stepping out of my comfort zone!


2 – That’s the number of physical therapists who are currently working for Limitless.  Jill Jennings joined me in early 2020 and has become an absolute perfect complement to my skillset and abilities, particularly when it comes to helping women who suffer from pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.


0 – That’s the number of times I have regretted taking the leap.  From day 1, I have loved the opportunity to acquire and treat my own clients, develop my own systems, create my own products and services, clean up my own messes, and sign my own paychecks.  There is truly nothing like it, and I’m never going back to a 9-5 job ever again!


     Along the way, I have met countless incredible people – business owners, vendors, referral partners, clients, and even several new friends.  I am so thankful to live in a place where I have the opportunity to build my own practice, and I am truly humbled at how much different things are today than they were a year ago.  


     So have we accomplished our goal of disrupting the status quo?  I think we’re off to a great start.  The feedback that we have received from the community has been incredibly positive, and we’re excited to continue to tackle new challenges and create new avenues to elevate the bar of what great care looks like.  


     But we didn’t come this far to stop now – so here’s to year 2!  I’m already working on numerous different opportunities to continue to grow our practice while maintaining the reputation and high standards we have created.  I hope you’ll join along for the ride!