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A man doing workout

“I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun. ” – Virginia Wolfe

As time goes on, we mature in many ways. In order to get the MOST out of our life, we have to be healthy for it.

Here Are 5 Key Tips To Stay Active While Aging:
1. Get Started.
  1. Often times the first step to realize that you NEED to stay active. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than 60% of adults in America do not engage in the recommended amount of activity. Furthermore, older adults are more common to fall into physical inactivity, increasing their risks for Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, and other conditions related to a lack of exercise.
  2. A common myth is that you should not exercise if you have pain, especially pain from arthritis. Actually, the best thing you can do for the treatment of joint pain from arthritis is to move in safe ranges of motion. This helps strengthen muscles around your joints and provides lubrication to your joints. For those who have been told you have “bone on bone”, movement is essentially spraying WD-40 into those joints. Bottom line: exercise is medicine.
2. Choose What Is Right for You.
  1. Now that you know you should exercise, you’re probably wondering where you need to start. Is Yoga good for me? Does golf count as exercise? Do I start walking more? Do I swim? How long do I exercise? Does walking help with osteoporosis? There are a large number of factors related to exercise dosage. Generally, something is better than nothing, but choose what is best for you, your body, and your resources you have available.
3. Less Is More.
  1. Ever heard of the expression “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing?” The same goes for exercise, especially early on. While we do want you to be active, we also don’t want you to go watching tv on the couch one day to walking 5 miles the next. Less is more, especially as you get started. Figure out your goals and find what works right for you.
4. Understand When You Need Help.
  1. When you get started, you may experience some new aches and pains. Some of these are normal and go away with time. Others need more attention. If you’re in pain that is stopping you from being active or doesn’t seem to get better, reach out to us or another healthcare provider in your area. They’ll be able to get you out of pain and make recommendations on how you can get back to what you want to do.
5. Be Accountable.
  1. One of the biggest problems in the realm of staying active is the high prevalence of relapse back into inactivity. In order to prevent this, accountability is key. Whether that’s a personal trainer, physical therapist, or a friend you work out with, having someone with you on this journey toward a healthful lifestyle will help you stay active and consistent.

Staying active is a major key in getting the most out of life as we age. There are many nuances, but the most important thing is to get started in the right way for your body.

The specialists at Limitless Therapy and Wellness have helped so many along their journey to fitness and activity. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll connect you with a specialist who can help YOU on your path to getting the most out of your life.