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My last post articulated the problem, so let’s talk about the solution to that problem!

This post is a follow-up to my post on the five ways the American in-network, insurance driven system will always fail us and how membership medicine has been a successful solution to these issues. If this idea sounds unfamiliar to you or you haven’t read my previous post on this topic, please stop here and scroll down to read my last post titled “Membership and Subscription Models in Healthcare” before proceeding with reading this post. The context you’ll gain will be invaluable in your ability to understand the reasons why models like ours are necessary and will continue to grow in popularity over the coming years.

Just to review, yesterday’s post detailed five areas in which our current system fails us: access, time, quality, services, and relationships. So if I’m going to come out and claim that we’ve got a better way to deliver top-of-the-line healthcare, we better have a solution to each of those issues (SPOILER ALERT – WE DO!). Before I detail how a membership with Limitless Therapy and Wellness addresses each of these problems, I’m going to give you the specifics of what exactly a membership with Limitless Therapy and Wellness entails. Once you see the benefits of membership, the solutions to these five failings will be pretty clear.

gif of a person saying "well when you say it like that, it all makes perfect sense."

So what is included in a membership to Limitless Therapy and Wellness? The following benefits are included with EVERY membership to Limitless Therapy and Wellness:

  • Discounted Treatment Sessions – 25% off the cost of an hourly session when purchased as a part of a tiered membership plan or prepaid plan of care.
  • Priority Scheduling – first choice of appointment times and preference over a non-member if you want the same appointment time.
  • My Personal Mobile Phone Number – access to me after normal business hours and while I’m away from my computer or work phone.
  • Quarterly Injury Screenings/Tune-up Visits – 4 sessions per year designed to assess progress toward previously established goals, screen for risk of further injury, and perform a tune-up treatment for any lingering or ongoing issues. Too much changes over the course of a year, so a quarterly check-in can help us catch small issues and address them before they become a problem that you would actually feel the need to seek treatment for.
  • Accompanied Healthcare Appointments – I will come with you to other healthcare appointments upon request (Primary Care Physician, Orthopedist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Counselor, etc.). This facilitates optimal communication between providers and collaboration about the best possible treatment plan for you. It also allows me to advocate on your behalf and help you communicate with other providers – after all, if you’re a Limitless member, no one will know your health and wellness needs better than I will!
  • Free Exercise Program Prescription with Continuous Monitoring and Progression – I create an exercise program designed to accomplish the goals that we establish together, and I continuously monitor, update, and advance this program throughout the year.

The benefits above are called our Baseline Membership, as no treatment sessions are included with the cost of the membership. This plan is designed for individuals who are active and motivated and want an ally in their pursuit of optimal health and wellness, but are not currently suffering from an injury or ongoing/nagging problem that requires intensive and focused treatment. What about someone who needs regular treatment for an injury or chronic issue? That is where our Tiered Memberships come into play. These memberships are customized based on the needs of the client to include regular treatment sessions at an interval mutually agreed upon by myself and my client. Examples of these tiered packages include:

  • 1 visit per month
  • 2 visits per month
  • 4 visits per month (once per week)
  • 8 visits per month (twice per week)

For a client that is going to need intensive and frequent treatment, a membership is an incredible option for paying for your care, and always produces a significant cost savings. Over the course of a year, savings range from $540 for the 1 visit per month plan to over $4000 for the 8 visits per month plan. And in case you are new to this blog or website or are unfamiliar with our practice, these visits are always on your terms – I come to you at a time and location of your choosing, every time!

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I’m sure there are some of you who are reading this and aren’t quite convinced that this approach really solves the problems I mentioned at the beginning of this article or in my previous post. Let’s break down how a membership model like this one addresses ALL of the failings of our current system which you should be all too familiar with by now.

With a membership to Limitless Therapy and Wellness, your access to me as your provider is completely unrestricted. You get my personal mobile phone number, which you can you use at your discretion. I don’t want my members to feel like they have to wait to call me until Monday when they hurt themselves on Friday. I don’t want my members to hesitate to email or text me on the weekends when they plan on going to the gym and want to know how to progress their program. I don’t want my members to hesitate to send me a picture of their swollen ankle at 10 PM on Monday night after their softball game and wonder what they should do until the next day. And with preferred appointment scheduling, members don’t wait for days, weeks, or months for an appointment. When my members need me, I make myself available – PERIOD.

Time is something that all of my clients get a lot of, regardless of their membership status, but members get even more. All of my treatment sessions and injury screenings/tune-up sessions are one hour and are completely one-on-one. You don’t have to worry about me typing on my computer, returning emails, or answering phone calls while I’m working with you. You have my undivided attention for the entirety of the hour. With my practice being mobile, there is never anyone waiting in the waiting room for me to finish my appointment with you because there is no waiting room! I space out my appointments throughout the day to allow for plenty of buffer time between appointments, so I’ll never be rushing to leave your appointment at the 60-minute mark to make my next appointment. Do you have another provider that gives you this kind of time at your appointments?

With a membership, the possibilities of the services that you can receive are limitless – see what I did there? Since I am working for YOU, MY CLIENT who subscribes to a membership for my services, and NOT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY, I will always recommend and provide the services that, in my professional and expert opinion, are most appropriate and beneficial for you. I’m not in the business of pleasing insurance companies by only providing and recommending treatments and services they cover or products that they prefer to pay for. I offer three services of great value to my members that are rarely offered in our industry: accompanied healthcare appointments, quarterly injury screenings, and continuous monitoring and progression of your exercise program. In addition, I offer discounted treatment sessions to all members (25% OFF!). Once you’ve invested in your care by purchasing a membership, you deserve a preferred pricing model that rewards your investment. Aside from those services, you can find a complete list of the unique services I provide under the “Speciality Services We Provide” Section of our website.

The idea of quality is intimately connected to the previous three ideas: access, time, and specialty services. If I can give you adequate access and time, combined with an unmatched offering of specialty services, the quality of the care you receive will inevitably be superior to what our traditional system has to offer. This setup allows for thorough evaluation and examination, employment of a variety of manual techniques specifically designed to address impairments noted upon examination, and careful monitoring of exercise dosing and technique. When we work to create an environment where limitations are removed, quality is the last thing you have to worry about. No more sitting on a hot pack and e-stim while your therapist manages his three other patients while trying to figure out what he’s going to do for your treatment session today. Our system allows for me as a provider to be prepared and focused to deliver an incredible product every time, which, in turn, delivers quicker improvements and exceptional results for you!

I could go on and on about the value of relationships – wait, I already did! See my previous blog post on “The Patient-Provider Relationship” for a deep dive on what I feel the ideal relationship should look like between a healthcare provider and his or her patients/clients. I deliver on that vision with our membership packages, but the one idea that I believe is most indicative of the extent the relationship I build with my clients is the idea of accompanied healthcare appointments. Who currently comes with you to your healthcare appointments? Your spouse? Your parent? Your siblings? No one? At Limitless Therapy and Wellness, we probably know more about our members’ health than their loved ones – that’s how invested we are in helping you reach your goals. So who better to join you to go see your orthopedist for your check-up after knee surgery than the person who is regularly caring for your knee? Maybe the prescription medication you’ve been given just isn’t working, but you don’t know how to communicate that to your physician. Or maybe you’re being told that you need an MRI, but you’re confused as to why you need one and you’re concerned about the cost. Those are difficult conversations for a patient to have, but that’s an easy conversation for me as a healthcare provider, and it is my pleasure and responsibility to advocate for the health and happiness of my members. How different would your conversations with your healthcare providers go if you had an ally in the room with you who knows your body and demands the respect of your provider?

If you read my post yesterday and left feeling down and hopeless, I hope you leave today’s post with a completely different feeling. I hope you know that there is someone who is willing and prepared to treat you like you deserve to be treated by giving you the access, time, and services that are essential to providing high quality healthcare. And I hope you know that there is someone that pursues and cultivates a relationship with his clients and members that goes far beyond the delivery of a service and the transaction of paying for that service. If you would like more information on the structure, benefits, or costs of a membership with Limitless Therapy and Wellness, please reach out by email at or fill out our contact form on the website. I would love to start a conversation with you about how you don’t have to settle for a system that isn’t designed to work in your best interest.