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Client Testimonials

Elliot has been such a blessing as my therapist! He is so attentive and clearly interested in his patients wellbeing as he has stayed in touch with me even after treatment! He has such a good rapport with his clients...a genuine gift for making one feel like the only one...and a great sense of humor which is a good distraction when dealing with pain! Combine that with his knowledge and understanding of his craft and that makes a winning combination for success! I enthusiastically recommend him...he goes above and beyond!

Marsha G, Greenville

This is my second time working with Elliot. A year and half ago, I tore my gastrocnemius. Thanks to Elliot's passion and dedication which he has for all of his clients, I can happily say I am running marathons again, pain-free!
Fast forward: I have had this chronic pain in my left shoulder and decided I needed to have it looked out. I reached out to Elliot for his advice on my path to recovery. Elliot was prompt to call me and schedule a time for him to check out my shoulder. That day Elliot came to my work to check out my shoulder (talk about going the extra mile for his patients) and we came up with a plan. I am thrilled I get the opportunity to work with such a professional, courteous, caring, and helpful doctor. Elliot will go above and beyond to help all of his clients. His bubbly sense of humor makes sure there is never a dull moment.

Rachael H., Simpsonville

I have been seeing physical therapists, back specialists and pain clinics for years now. I have many decades of chronic back pain. A dear friend gifted me a visit with Jill. I was underwhelmed at first as Jill’s touch was so gentle and the exercises we did were very slight that I couldn’t believe any strengthening come come from them. I am used to a boot camp mentality. No pain, no gain. All that got me was more pain and no gain. After our first session I felt some relief. The next day Jill contacted me to see how I was doing. Then a few days later she checked on me. I was shocked as I realized that she genuinely cared how I was doing. I have seen Jill 4 times now and I have fresh hope for the future. One of the greatest tools she has given me is exercises for what hurts so that I can through minimal exercises move bones back into place, giving me blessed relief. We have a long way to go, but I know Jill will hold my hand through all this and as I want a wholistic approach to wellness she is guiding me to others as needed. She is not only my therapist she is my friend.

Wendy E., Greer

Working with Jill at Limitless Therapy and Wellness has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve experienced chronic pain for 20 years and have been in and out of physical therapy many times. I expected that I would already know what Jill would want to do to address my pain but I was wrong! From the first appointment, working with Jill has been completely different. She considers how each of my systems work together to compensate for weakness and pain and works to address each area. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover how little I actually knew about my pain and am now learning so many new ways to gain strength, mobility and pain relief.


"I would highly recommend Jordan for any of your physical therapy needs. He has helped me tremendously with a recurring hip problem. Jordan came to my home and performed dry needling and taught me several corrective exercises to proactively correct the problem, not just the symptoms. I am so glad I reached out to him as he helped me solve a small problem before it became a big problem!"

Page L, Greenville

"I had a sudden issue with the mobility of my neck and I needed someone to help me understand what was going on and how it should be treated. After reaching out to Jordan, he came to my home and performed a thorough assessment of my entire body. He then explained the problem with the muscles and joints of my neck and performed several manipulation techniques that immediately eased the tension in my neck and helped me regain full mobility. He also gave me very specific exercises and stretches to reinforce that mobility and help strengthen my muscles so that this problem won't keep happening. I am so thankful for Jordan's knowledge, professionalism, and skills that helped me feel and move so much better! I can't recommend Jordan highly enough!"

David G, Greenville

"I injured my shoulder at a volleyball tournament last year. I was afraid to go to the doctor because I was dreading hearing I needed surgery, so I basically lived in pain for 6 months. Jordan was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to give him a call. During our initial visit he was able to diagnose my shoulder and came up with a treatment plan that didn’t require surgery. Within a few weeks my shoulder was back to 100%. I had also injured my knee in a basketball game, and this ended up becoming a bigger problem than my shoulder. My knee wasn't even what I initially called him about, but Jordan always had a plan, and he wasn’t going to give up till we figured out how to fix it. He discovered it was a lack of mobility in my ankle that was causing the knee issues. After a few weeks of working on my ankle, my knee was night and day better! I would recommend Jordan to anyone who plays sports and seems to injure themselves frequently, like I do!"

Randy P, Travelers Rest

"I highly recommend Jordan Floyd at Limitless Therapy and Wellness. I was having major issues in both my knees that I wasn’t sure was reversible. I figured having played sports for almost 30 years of my life it was something I was going to have to live with forever. To my shock, after one session I felt immediate relief! Jordan came up with a specific wellness plan for me that included a few additional sessions, home exercises, and some taping techniques. It’s been a few weeks since my last session and I can honestly say I feel like a new person! There is no pain in either knee when I walk or run now. I have no doubt Jordan can make the same difference for you! Give him a call today."

Josh P, Greenville

"I consider Jordan an expert in the field of sports medicine and physical therapy. He has successfully treated hundreds of my patients, both non-operative and post-surgical, with excellent results. I have the highest confidence in him and would be pleased for him to treat myself or my family."

Dr. Scott Watson, Greenville

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