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The Limitless Philosophy

At Limitless Therapy and Wellness, we believe that our approach creates the perfect opportunity for you to achieve all of your goals while escaping the limitations that the current healthcare system and structure place on us. The Limitless Philosophy is what separates us from any other physical therapy or wellness provider.


Our current health-care system is completely payer-driven. This means that insurance companies have a say in every aspect of the care that you receive. They can tell you that you are only able to see certain providers. They can tell you that you can only be seen for a certain amount of time or a certain number of visits. They can tell providers that they will only pay for certain services or interventions and not cover the services or interventions that you need to succeed. They can set the cost of the services you receive via negotiated fee schedules. They can decide to deny services altogether. These healthcare conglomerates are incentivized to charge more for less care regardless of your health status, outcomes, or satisfaction. Limitless Therapy and Wellness refuses to conform to that model because we believe people deserve better. Since we are an out-of-network cash-based concierge mobile physical therapy and wellness provider, we are not subject to an insurance company’s fee schedule, visit limits, benefit limits, or approved interventions/services. We always treat our clients as they need to be treated - regardless of their insurance coverage status.


We believe in attention to detail. That only happens when you have a structure that is built around dedicated one-on-one assessment and treatment. You deserve so much better than a few minutes of divided attention while your therapist attends to 2 or 3 other patients at your same appointment time. You deserve better than being passed back and forth between multiple clinicians and never knowing who you’ll be seeing for a given appointment. In order for you to get the most out of our services, we believe that our undivided attention is essential, and that is exactly what you will get every session. We will not be seeing other patients at the same time (because we’re coming to you!). We won’t be returning text messages, emails, or phone calls while we’re working with you. Your entire session will be 100% directly guided and supervised, every time.


Life is busy, and it is always hard to make time for an appointment in them midst of working, taking care of a family, church and/or social responsibilities, or the unpredictable things that inevitably pop up every day. Limitless Therapy and Wellness solves this problem by making these barriers obsolete. By coming to you at your home, work, gym, or other location of your choice, we are taking those obstacles off the table. You deserve better than having to pack a change of clothes, drive to a clinic, wait in a waiting room for 15 (or more) minutes, and then commute back to your home or work again after your appointment. Your time is valuable, and Limitless Therapy and Wellness values your time as much as you do.


In every area of our lives, we are always looking for the very best. If we are going out to eat, we want to eat at the restaurant with the best reviews. If we are going to have surgery, we want the best surgeon we can find to perform the procedure. If we are having our car repaired, we want the mechanic with the best reputation in the area. If we have these high standards for every other service or product that we use, why not apply that same standard to your rehabilitation and wellness care? If you know you need it, why wouldn’t you seek out the very best? At Limitless Therapy and Wellness, not only will you be treated by a clinician that has achieved specialty board certification (less than 13% of all physical therapists will achieve this in their lifetime), but you will also have the opportunity to receive comprehensive care that is reflective of the most up-to-date, evidence-based practice for your particular injury or condition. Limitless Therapy and Wellness goes far beyond exercise prescription. We also offer specialty services such as dry needling, joint manipulation, cupping, IASTM, kinesiotaping, and so much more! If you are interested in hearing more about the services, interventions, and techniques that we can use to serve you, please fill out our contact form.


In our wellness membership-driven model, our clients have regular face-to-face contact with us, even if they are not having any issues. Wellness visits and injury screenings that are included with a membership plan help identify potential future injuries before they happen. By addressing deficits in strength, mobility, motor control, or asymmetry before symptoms arise, we can help prevent costly and painful injuries and episodes of care. In doing so, we are a part of the solution to the problems that the health care system as a whole often creates, such as chronic pain, drug dependency, unnecessary injections or surgical procedures, and loss of quality of life. Our clients are also in regular contact with us so that when the occasional aches and pains arise, we are able to address these directly and immediately without succumbing to the all too common “wait and see” approach that only leads to lost time and money and prolonged down-time.
Our relationships with our clients go far beyond an “episode of care.” We want to be your lifelong musculoskeletal expert. Who would you call if your son twisted his ankle in a soccer game? What if you were involved in a rear-end collision and began experiencing neck pain and headaches? What if you noticed a strange new popping sound in your knee? What would you do? Consult WebMD? Call your doctor? Wait and see if the problem gets worse because you’re afraid of the cost of diagnostic testing and workup? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one person you knew you could call for any ache or pain who could either help solve your problem or point you in the right direction? At Limitless Therapy and Wellness, we believe in a different model – a model where we are your go-to providers of musculoskeletal care FOR LIFE. Not only do we want to care for your current aches and pains, but we also want to build a lasting relationship built on trust, compassion, and the highest quality care.

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To request an appointment or find out more about how we can help, call 864-251-5410 or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you!

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