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Meet Dr. Floyd

My name is Jordan Floyd, and I am the owner and founder of Limitless Therapy and Wellness, LLC. I am a doctor of physical therapy, board-certified orthopedic specialist, certified athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning specialist. I have worked in a variety of environments from collegiate and professional sports to local outpatient physical therapy clinics. In my 8+ years of practice in musculoskeletal care, I have seen first-hand the many shortcomings of our current healthcare system, and I have set out to be a part of the solution.


I started this company to help busy executives, stay-at-home parents, and other individuals with musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction who are often unable to benefit from traditional physical therapy or wellness services due to the many barriers that limit or prevent access to these services, such as:

  • Inconvenient times and locations for appointments
  • Lost time or productivity at work
  • Poor or no insurance coverage
  • High visit costs, fluctuating visit costs, or lack of transparency about cost of services
  • Inability to find or pay for child care
  • A lack of individualized, one-on-one care
  • Seeing several different clinicians within a plan of care without continuity between sessions
  • Preconceived notions of what physical therapy will be like or previous bad experiences with physical therapy with little or no results
  • Many more

Why Choose Limitless?

As a mobile concierge physical therapy and wellness services provider, Limitless Therapy and Wellness removes all of these barriers and allows you to receive the care and attention you deserve in the comfort of your home, office, gym, or other location of your choice. No more having to find a babysitter at the last minute or having to reschedule all of your meetings! No more wondering how much a visit or your entire plan of care will cost! No more having to settle for working with clinicians who aren’t able to give you the attention you deserve because they are working with multiple patients at the same time! You deserve so much more! Here are some other reasons why you should consider Limitless Therapy and Wellness:

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Residency-Trained and Board-Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  • Cutting Edge Techniques
  • One-on-One Treatment Sessions
  • You’ll see the same clinician for every session!
  • Easy Access to Care at a Time and Location Convenient for You
  • Unique Membership Model
  • Lifelong Therapist-Client Relationship

For my information on what makes Limitless Therapy and Wellness unique, check out The Limitless Philosophy and our FAQ’s.

Contact Us Today

To request an appointment or find out more about how we can help, call 864-251-5410 or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you!

Let’s Get Started Feeling Whole Again